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Aid for today; guidance for tomorrow.

Let Us Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

In these confusing times, we are here to help your small business succeed. Through consulting, advising, and financial aid we will give you the tools to navigate the turbulent business climate.

Financial Aid

Financial aid, grants, and fellowships to give you the bottom line support to succeed.

General Consulting

Use our network of consultants and business experts to help you get your idea or existing business running.


Attend events, conferences, and workshops to give you the knowledge and skills to be a successful business owner.

Innovation Coaching

Have a new business idea? Great- we love that! We will assist you with the business planning process all the way to launch.

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Statement From Chairman Devon Joslin

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No social or economic ill in the great state of Michigan can be cured through violence or civil disorder. We make progress through mindful innovation, not mindless conflict.

On behalf of MCFEI, I want to be perfectly clear: I believe in the advancement of every U.S. Citizen- regardless of politics, faith, color, circumstance, identity, or economic position. We will never make a sustainable future for the next generation if it is built on the misfortune of others.

We cannot end suffering with any single program or legislative resolution at our capitol. However, our lives are too short, and the work ahead of us too long to continue living in stagnation.

There is not an easy fix. So we must look to the future.

As individuals we may not be extraordinary enough to shape the future. But if we make a commitment to improve small facets of our lives, we can do better. Small improvements add up to big change.

Courage and commitment are what is required. I believe we will ultimately be judged on our efforts and we will first judge ourselves. The future is not beyond us. It is within our ability to shape. 

The choice is yours.


Devon Joslin

Chairman of the Board

Michigan Center for Economic Innovation

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