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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fellowship

What is MCFEI's Fellowship?

Our Fellowship Program is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs hands-on coaching from our team. 

  1. This program will follow the “cohort” model. 

    1. Cohort size is subject to funding.

  2. Each cohort member will be paired with a mentor from our talent pool, or with a member of MCFEI.

  3. To graduate as a fellow, the member must demonstrate competency in the 5 areas of entrepreneurship: situational analysis, market strategy, finance, operations, and contingency planning. Graduates will then be submitted to various funding competitions.

Program Faqs

  1. Fellowship admissions will be based on initial MCFEI application.

    1. Applicants must score at least a 6/7 on their initial submission to be considered.

  2. The applications that are designated as “high-potential” will be moved to a qualitative interview & pitch- from here we will select the cohort members.

  3. To be considered for a fellowship the applicant must demonstrate at least two of the following:

    1. Barriers to economic or educational opportunities.

    2. Come from a either a BIPOC group or female.

    3. The business idea has a social, environmental, or economic impact.

    4. The business idea has potential to attract outside funding.

  4. Subject to funding, we may provide small financial grants.


Program Outcomes

MCFEI will...

  1. Create meaningful opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs who do not qualify for/ have access to resources to launch their business.

  2. Create case studies based on the various outcomes from the fellowship cohorts.

  3. Collaborate with our Camelot Roundtable members to create a stable ecosystem for our cohort members.

  4. Leverage our network to create opportunities for our fellowship cohorts that they would not otherwise have access to.

  5. Document and archive the process for continuous improvement in the economic ecosystem.

  6. Publish a catalog with spotlights for each cohort member on our social media and website.

  7. Ensure each member receives individualized coaching from our mentors and coaches.

  8. Provide resources / referrals for networking within the member’s community.

  9. Provide 1 on 1 problem solving and professional development sessions.

  10. Provide cohort small group think tank sessions.

  11. Allow cohort members who have completed their ideation and are ready for commercialization to pitch at our Camelot Roundtable meetings at the discretion of the RT.

  12. Provide $2,500 to $5,000 in capital to each cohort member per term, subject to program funding.

  13. From admission to completion of the fellowship goal is 16 weeks: 

    1. 12 weeks of “academic work” & Planning.

    2. 4 weeks of refining and preparing the pitch.

Application Opens Jan 1 2023

Interested in learning more? Email us to discuss our program.

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