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We Deserve Better

The Michigan Center for Economic Innovation works with the business community to create wealth, well-being, and opportunity for those who possess the entrepreneurial spirit.

Board of Directors

Devon Joslin


Reyna Masko


Matt Baxter

Vice President

Grant Cook

Administration Chair

Brittany Aldridge


Louis Stephens

Fundraising Chair

Dustin Heiler


Sydney Kamps

Event Planning Chair

Executive Support Staff

Anna Pidburtna

Administrative Support

Who is MCFEI?

Our Purpose

We are working to create a more diverse economic ecosystem in the State of Michigan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance business education, accelerate entrepreneurship development, and reduce barriers to economic opportunities.

Our Values

We believe in collaboration; commitment; belief in human potential; sustainability; education; and the stewardship of innovation.

"There is no single endeavor we can pursue to ennoble ourselves greater than loving those we share our brief time on earth with. How do we do it?

Where there is ignorance, show understanding; where there is conflict, show mercy; where there is suffering, show compassion; but more than anything, ask for nothing and give always."

-Devon Joslin

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