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The Michigan Center for Economic Innovation works with the business community to create wealth, well-being, and opportunity for those who possess the entrepreneurial spirit.

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"We Deserve Better"

Michigan Center for Economic Innovation
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Devon, Arturo, Dustin, Brittany, and Matt had little common interest before the COVID-19 pandemic began in the State of Michigan. 

Devon had a career as an organizational researcher and professor. Arturo had a long tenure in nonprofit leadership and government affairs. Dustin spent his entire career in sustainability. Brittany established herself as a fundraising extraordinaire. Matt innovated his way to success as an entrepreneur. Not much in common professionally indeed. 

However, they each recognized that the business community was suffering and needed help. The idea of MCFEI was born over a happy hour and handshakes; with each member committing to each other that they would use their unique talents to solve the complex economic problems we now face. Our economic problems are the result of the common works of humanity; therefore, humanity can solve them.

We deserve better. And together, we will do better.

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Devon Joslin


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Dustin Heiler


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Brittany Aldridge


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Matt Baxter

Vice Chair

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Experienced Leadership

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