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Quick Faqs


  • To a) advance business education and business literacy, b) reduce barriers to economic opportunity, c) advance small business recovery to distressed, disadvantaged and underrepresented groups in the following Michigan Counties: Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon.

    • MCFEI offers consulting, training & development, funds, and human resources services for small businesses, and workforce development through providing human services for working class/poverty-level employees of Michigan small businesses, hospitality industry, and public sectors-to stabilize the Michigan small business arena in post-pandemic America.  


  • Start up funding

    • Must be female or minority owned 

  • Community mentors

    • Local business owners willing to volunteer their time to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their business idea

  • How to start your business

    • Converting ideas into tangible businesses

  • Launching your business 

  • Maintaining your business

  • Important information regarding filing taxes, HR compliance, government, laws, legal, and banking

Funding Sources:

  • Public donations

  • Membership fees

    • Early access to events, conferences, and publications

  • Foundation, corporate and government grants

  • Sponsorships 

We sponsor or host events related to: 

  • Business education

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Innovation 

  • Economic opportunities

  • Diverse entrepreneur awareness 

  • Legislation that impacts the communities we seek to serve

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