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Matt Baxter Makes Pledge

Michigan Center for Economic Innovation

Apr 26, 2022

Matt Baxter's new book "The Hiring Knot" proceeds set to fund new programs at MCFEI.

Matt Baxter Pledges Funds to MCFEI


Matt Baxter, CEO of Wedge HR and Vice-Chair of MCFEI, announced via Social Media his intent to pledge a portion of proceeds from his new book The Hiring Knot to support female and minority owned start-ups in West Michigan.

Starting a company is hard. [Matt] Baxter is no stranger to the difficulties entrepreneurs face, having launched his own HR Tech Company Wedge in 2015. He hopes that entrepreneurs have strong communities to rely on he stated in an email to the MCFEI Board:

"West Michigan as a community has supported me along my journey. From my education at Hope College to local business leaders the community has kept me going. I hope to support emerging leaders, dreamers, movers & shakers that may not have access to the network that I have had the benefit of associating with."

MCFEI Board Chairman Devon Joslin shared some thoughts after the pledge was announced: "Matt is a doer." he stated. "Very seldom do I encounter individuals who are able to synergize an incredible Business IQ and desire to serve their community... Matt has a unique vision for what the future workplace will look like, and that vision has the potential to impact millions of lives. It has been a distinct privilege to work with him."

MCFEI intends to announce program giving goals in the next financial quarter and upcoming events. These events will range from networking to fundraising and start-up funding competitions.

You can order your copy of The Hiring Knot here

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