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Devon Joslin


An academic and entrepreneur, Devon started his first company in 2014 (Devon Joslin Consulting later Joslin Consulting Group) which developed advanced marketing strategies, conducted market research, innovation coaching, and built entrepreneurship plans for clients across the United States. He now primarily operates JosVon Holdings that manages his IP catalog, publications, assets, investments, and research interests. After spending nearly a decade refining his expertise in marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, academia, and strategic management he has become a sought-after subject matter expert in his field, often giving lectures and consulting across the country.

Devon is currently leading the Board of Directors at the Michigan Center for Economic Innovation, with the goal of providing education to aspiring entrepreneurs and adding structure to the innovation process. He believes that every great innovation in humanity’s history started with a creative idea that challenged the status quo. However, not every great idea makes a great product or service; not every great product or service makes a successful brand. Layering in process and design to creative ideation, he believes, will ensure more positive outcomes for anyone possessing the entrepreneurial spirit; particularly aspiring entrepreneurs from historically disenfranchised groups who may not have had equal access to formal education.

When not working on growing MCFEI and his entrepreneurial interests Devon can be found giving lectures at Grand Rapids Community College on marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation. He also enjoys working as a judge in the MWest business pitch competition, collaborating with his fashion designer RC Caylan, and exploring the world with his wife Kendall.

Devon Joslin
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